Environmental Stewardship

Protecting the environment is more than a mandate, but a mission at Knight Hawk Coal. Southern Illinois is our home and we are committed to ensuring that future generations can also enjoy the region’s natural splendor.

Knight Hawk aggressively engineers its reclamation activities, not only in accordance with the law, but also with an eye towards the beneficial use of the land post mining.  Whether this is through agricultural, recreational, or conservancy, Knight Hawk has returned almost 2,000 of acres to beneficial use. In addition, it has created more than 100 acres of new wetlands.  Not only is Knight Hawk a good steward to the land on which it operates, but it also strives to be a good member of the surrounding community.

That is why in 2012; Knight Hawk Coal participated with the Heartland Conservancy to help in the acquisition of the environmentally-sensitive Mill Creek Natural Area in Randolph County.  Knight Hawk has also dedicated 240 acres of land to the state of Illinois to expand Pyramid State Park once operations have concluded at its adjacent Golden Eagle Mine. In addition, Knight Hawk President Steve Carter and Director of Mining Operations Josh Carter actively participate with the Friends of Pyramid State Park, an all-volunteer group committed to enhancing the state's largest park.

At Knight Hawk Coal we combine responsible mining with environmental stewardship to preserve and protect southern Illinois.